Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Size Does Matter!

The Village Artisans Gallery in Yellow Springs is hosting an
ARTIST Trading Card Show!

And Everyone is Invited!
So come on all you bloggers and readers and artists and would be artists! Here is your chance to get Original Artwork for FREE!
Of course, you have to contribute your work in order to get work. A lot of people know how this works, but let me just give you the specifics...

There are some RULES to trading Artist Cards

1. Artist trading cards are pieces of watercolor paper, cardstock, or illustration board that are 2.5"x3.5" in size.
2. An artist creates an original work of art on these tiny canvases and then trades them with other artists through groups and events.
3. Trade is the operative word. Cards should not be sold.
4. Any medium is allowed on trading cards. Some examples of mediums that other artists have used is crayon, wax reserve, collage, gel pens, concrete transfers, watercolor, colored pencil, and pencil sketchings.
5. On the back of the cards, the artist should print their name, contact information (an email address is fine), the title of the work on the artist trading card, and a number if it is part of a series.

ATCs can either be bought at Art Stores pre-made or can be made from larger sheets of paper cut down to size.

So, if you are interested consider this your official invitation and follow the specifics above and below...

These are the Village Artisans Guidelines

Ten Cards only, sent to Village Artisans, along with a SASE
Work must be received by Saturday, June 27th
Sent to
Village Artisans, Attn: Nancy Mellon

100 Corry Street
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

Cards will be displayed at the Village Artisans Gallery for the month of July

Participate in the Swap on Friday, July 31, 6-9pm or
Saturday, August 1st, 1-4pm
*YOU NEED NOT be Present or participate in person

Your 10 new ATC's will be mailed to you by August 8th

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!


SoCalWendie said...

Ohhh I'm excited! I'm gonna start some work so hopefully I can join in!! Great idea!!

nolaa gallery said...

yeah wendie! I can't wait to see your work!!!