Friday, November 21, 2008

A sneak peak at some of Jen's girls getting ready to go to the gallery for tonights 12 Pack Show!

It's the first night of carriage rides, the town will be lit up. I think after tonight I will be in the holiday spirit!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Third Friday, November 21st

12 Pack Art Showing
NOLAA Gallery

Did you just throw that can away or did you recycle?
At NOLAA Gallery, Artists have taken it one step further and have REUSED a variety of Crushed Cans as Canvas for their creative endeavors.

Meet the artists as they show off the different media they used to create this
one of a kind, and original art!
Each piece created with the idea that as artists we need to be ecologically conscious and think of our environment in art as well as in the day to day. By using recycled materials, you get not only a funky and cool work of art by an amazing artist, but you are helping the environment too!

It’s A Green Art Movement this month at NOLAA Gallery!

Friday, November 21st
NOLAA Gallery
220 Xenia Ave, Kings Yard
( behind the Ol’ Trail Tavern )

Light Refreshments, Beer! Music & Art

Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting to Know Nancy Mellon

NOLAA Gallery is excited to introduce Nancy Mellon to you today! Stop by the gallery and visit her if you are in town! her own words.....

I am a multi media artist. The last 2 years I have been a blast making public art with the JAFAGirls....

I work in intense spurts intermingled with tense art cramps, when everything stops, until I meet up with another artist or some fabulous piece of art or a nice day or.... and get juiced again! I work with clay, pencils, acrylic paint, fabric, yarn and junk. I love people, nudes, conversations about big ideas, the color green, intense colors, esp, next to black, intricate patterns, Green County,(it's GREEN), my tree house studio ( not a real tree house, but I see leaves and branches out each window ). I especially love Yellow Springs, Ohio. It's beautiful with lots of trees and artists everywhere.

One of my favorite things to do is gallery sit in one of the galleries. I get to talk with customers from all over the world, visit with my art friends that drop by and tell people about all the wonderful things that they can do in Yellow Springs.

Nancy is represented by NOLAA Gallery & the Village Artisans in Yellow Springs.

Nancy's Top Ten Reasons to Buy Original Art.....

1. It makes you more creative by
having creative things in your space (osmosis)

2. it's solidarity with the artists of your world keeps interesting people in your area
(because they can afford to live there if somebody buys their work),

4. it's history (at least later on it will be! We know most things about
people of the past by the art they left behind,)

5. it comes with good vibrations attached

6. art that comes from the artist makes life come

7. it's not canned (unless it's on a can)

8. it reminds you of magical things

9. it's made with fingers and brains,souls, it's a bit of humanity

10. It's a mystery....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Art Q & A

Meet Bill Brown, Artist in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Currently Represented at NOLAA Gallery.

haven't you always wanted to peek over the shoulder of an artist?

Today Bill Gives us his Top 10 Reasons To Purchase Original Art.

Is this meant to be serious? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No. This is for you enjoyment.

Let us Entertain YOU!

Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Buy Original Art, By Bill Brown

10. It's a great way to support the community.

9. If you buy a dozen, you get the thirteenth free.

8. If you don't buy art, then Jenny can't paint. And if Jenny can't paint, she's likely to smack somebody!

7. It's a great investment for your future. Yeah right, just kidding.

6. The artists need the money to support their habit.

5. Chicks really dig lots of original art on your walls.

4. All the paint and glue fumes can get you kinda stoned!

3. What else are you going to spend all that money on? Food and gas?

2. Supporting the arts is a great way to meet models.

1. If you don't buy it, it will just stack up in our garages.