Friday, November 14, 2008

Third Friday, November 21st

12 Pack Art Showing
NOLAA Gallery

Did you just throw that can away or did you recycle?
At NOLAA Gallery, Artists have taken it one step further and have REUSED a variety of Crushed Cans as Canvas for their creative endeavors.

Meet the artists as they show off the different media they used to create this
one of a kind, and original art!
Each piece created with the idea that as artists we need to be ecologically conscious and think of our environment in art as well as in the day to day. By using recycled materials, you get not only a funky and cool work of art by an amazing artist, but you are helping the environment too!

It’s A Green Art Movement this month at NOLAA Gallery!

Friday, November 21st
NOLAA Gallery
220 Xenia Ave, Kings Yard
( behind the Ol’ Trail Tavern )

Light Refreshments, Beer! Music & Art

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Shoozles said...

The art cans are a wonderful idea wish I could see them in person