Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Susie Lowder

Meet Susie Lowder! Susie is a member of The Market at Serendip in Powell. This Fantastic Artist Co-operative hosts a variety of artists of all media. Susie works in acrylic and mixed media. Her whimsical Holiday and Themed works can be enjoyed year round. This Sunday Serendip will be hosting a reception and you will be able to meet Susie and enjoy her works as well as this new gallery!

Susie Lowder
The Market at Serendip
Powell, Ohio
2-4 pm
light refreshments
"Happy, vibrant, and beautiful" are the words most often expressed by viewers of my artwork. "Thank you" is my response, but mission accomplished rings in my head. Emerson said " Earth laughs in flowers." I seek to express this exact sentiment in my artwork. I seek to celebrate God's glorious gift of the seasonly morphing natural world. I desire to capture and express this so that it can be enjoyed inside our living spaces.
I am a current Powell resident. Ohio born into a family of competitive and brainiac children. My fate was sealed when my fourth grade art teacher named me artist of the month. " it was an owl expressed in sunflower seeds and elmers glue. " i met my lifetime partner and hubby in high school. I am a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design. For years I espressed my love of nature and creativity through professional floral design. I've been raising three fabulous kids literally painting every wall in our home, and other's too. Now I am back to expressing myself through these mixed media painting.

Please enjoy.


SoCalWendie said...

Thank you my dear I will pick up the book. Who doesn't need a good cry once in awhile. I love the paintings you have done lately (well I always like your work).
I wish I could seen Mr. Rogers in person. He would see me walking around in my pea green cardigan saying "Hello Neighboor" lol

Michelle Brunner said...

Great artwork! Such a fun and vibrant style!

p.s. My art show is in Westlake, Ohio at St. Bernadette's School...I am excited...I have not been involved in a show for a long time!

Have a great day:)