Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet Bill Felker, Bookbinder in Yellow Springs.

You can find his beautiful handcrafted and uniquely one of a kind books at Village Artisans in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Bill is such a kind artist to work with and if you stop in on a day he is there you will probably catch him working a new books, ( like I did this past Monday, poor guy had no idea I would whip out the camera and start snapping away! ) He will answer any questions you have or just chat the afternoon away with you. Bill just recieved a new, Masculine shipment of leather, which he refers to as the Harley Davidson of book binding.. SO, If you are looking for a great masculine journal for your honey this Valentine's Day, you know where to go! Something I didn't know was that if you fill up your lovely journal, he will put a new set of paper in for you! Really???? You can use these over and over!
Thanks Bill for putting up with me!
ps,,,YES, Village Artisans does ship!


Meandering Thoughts said...

Loved your post and pictures, funny there was a bottle of wine sitting on the desk, do you always travel with wine and camera in hand. LOL, just kidding Jen. love you!

nolaa gallery said...

cynthia, you are too cute! LOL! and yes, I do! Quite honestly, I don't trust anyone who doesn't!

SoCalWendie said...

It's ok Jen I travel with wine and a camera too!! You know when I was a kid (and now too), one of the things I always thought would be cool is to be a book binder or restorer. Your post took me back :)